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Accelerate Innovation incubates and fast-tracks bold new IDEAS to commercialization

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"Your" World challenges are the center of "Our" World solutions. We have walked in your shoes and act as the RUNWAY  ensuring your IDEAS are fueled with the "GAS" for a successful takeoff and landing in "the" World.

In today's fast-changing world. it's not so much what you know anymore that  counts,because often what you know is old. It is how fast you can learn. That skill is priceless. 
Robert T.Kiyoski


We have assembled a World-Class team of technical, legal experts and business executives who have successfully navigated IDEAS from concept through development to high-multiple financial exits. 

This is  just the TIP of our WORLD.......Our network stretches around the Globe.  

Technology Focus 

We seek patentable IDEAS and are passionate about the Environment, Wellness, Healthcare, Education, AR/VR/XR, AGTech and  Resilient solutions  and technologies that solve Societal  challenges and improve the human condition.  Current areas of interest and expertise include:

Our Team works with targeted  precision to crystalize an optimized roadmap that delivers an integrated strategy for accelerated outcomes with a focus on building your long-term corporate value.

Capabilities & Deliverables 

Our Intellectual Property experience ensures your proprietary IDEAS are protected and your IP is effectively leveraged to maximize long-term value.

Our technical advisors confirm the resources required to create a scalable product and we will assemble a World-Class team to ensure your product is market ready.

We assess capital requirements and build a financing strategy.  Our team assists in preparing the pitch deck for winning seed, early stage, and venture capital growth funds.

Our business team helps formulate a multi-year strategy and ensures company infrastructure development is efficient and aligns with strategy and milestones

When Your World connects with Our World, your success matters.  We provide continued mentorship and oversight as needed and requested to achieve goals.

Our Advisory  services  focus on Start Ups and Early Stage firms to assist in validating and structuring of your Product or Services’ Go-to-Market or development strategies.  A to Z -There are a lot of  moving parts in launching a successful Start UP; Business plan development, legal, organization, operations, technology review, protecting your Intellectual Property,  marketing, promotional, branding, funding strategies, negotiation of Business contracts/transactions, to commercial administration of licensing of services  to name a few. 

Business Meeting
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